Jan. 24 – Feb. 11, 2018
Opening Night on Friday, Jan. 26, 2018

By Tanya Barfield 
"We didn’t ask to solve the world’s problems; we asked to adopt a baby."  

Annie and Peter are a childless couple in their late 30s who have decided to adopt a baby from Africa. But when they receive some surprising news about their potential bundle of joy, anxiety and doubt threaten to tear their world apart. Middle-class cultural sensibilities and global divisions come crashing in on their comfortable existence as they are forced to confront their own preconceived notions about what makes a family a family. As they reach out to friends and neighbors for advice, Annie and Peter become mired in indecision and second thoughts.  

The Call is a fascinating play that urges audience members to thoughtfully examine their established positions – both at home and as citizens of the world," Miller-Stephany said. 

New York Times says The Call is “potent and engaging.”  

A comedy with a penetrating edge, The Call is guaranteed to spark lively conversations about the expectations and realities of parenthood. Tanya Barfield’s dizzying indictment of American privilege is tempered with her compassion for flawed people holding the best of intentions. 

  • SYNPOSIS: Annie and Peter, a Caucasian couple in their late 30s,  decide to adopt, setting their sights on a child from Africa. But, when they receive surprising news from the adoption agency, their marriage is put to the test, secrets of the past are exposed, and the couple is left with an unexpected choice. Their best friends are Drea and Rebecca, an African American lesbian couple who offer support and perspective, but get caught in the crossfire of marital tensions. Politically-charged and tack-sharp, The Call is a startling portrait of cultural divide. 
  • LANGUAGE: Contains mild adult language. Specific words include: “damn,” “sexy,” “prick,” and “shit.”
  • SMOKING: None. 
  • DRINKING: Yes. 
  • SEX: None.
  • VIOLENCE: None.
  • THEMES: Topics of discussion in this play include: sex, miscarriages, pregnancy and fertility treatments, adoption, homosexuality and AIDS.
  • RATING: If it were a film, this production would be rated “PG-13.”

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