Enjoy the fun together and save! Gather 10 or more of your family members, friends, colleagues, classmates, or club members and receive the group sale advantage.


  • The best seats, altogether or separate throughout the house
  • Discounted rate on every ticket purchased
  • Extended payment terms
  • More fun before, during, and after the show!


Minimum Size

To qualify as a group sale, your group must purchase at least 10 tickets to the same performance. Overbooking your group is strongly discouraged.


Groups meeting the minimum size will receive a 10% discount off of each ticket purchased.

Reservations & Payment

Contact the box office at (501) 378-0405 or at [email protected] to begin your reservation process.

Once your tickets are reserved, an invoice and seating map will be issued. Please review your invoice to verify performance date, time, and number of tickets for accuracy, as well as the map for seat location.  Your deposit amount and payment dates will also be indicated on your invoice.

Collective payments for the group must come from a single source.  We cannot accept separate payments from the individuals within the group. 

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking to hold your reservation, with payment in full required two weeks prior to your performance.  All payments are non-refundable.

Failure to make your final payment by the due date can result in the release of your seats and forfeiture of your deposit. Please contact your group sales liaison before the payment due date if you are concerned about the status of your payment.

If a reservation is made less than two weeks before a show, payment in full is due at the time of booking.

Payments may be made over the phone using a credit card or by mailing a money order/check in the account holders’ name to Arkansas Repertory Theatre, PO Box 110, Little Rock, AR 72203.

Tickets will be issued upon receipt of final payment. Tickets may be mailed or picked up at the Box Office during regular hours of operation.


All orders are subject to availability and your group sales liaison will reserve the best seats available at time of booking.

Seating may be split among different seating sections/price levels and the per-ticket price will be reflected in your final invoice.

When possible, please note at the time of your booking any special seating or accessibility requirements (e.g., wheelchair, hearing or sight impairment). All patrons regardless of age must have a ticket/seat to enter.

Changing Group Size

A group leader may request additional seats at any time prior to the day of the event. Additional seats are reserved based on availability, but we will attempt to reserve additional seats as close to the original group as possible. If additional seats are requested before final payment is due, they will be added to the original contract and a revised invoice will be issued.

If you need to reduce the number of reserved seats, please contact your group sales liaison as soon as possible so that you receive a revised invoice for payment. Should your new group size fall below the required ticket minimum, your deposit will be applied to the sale of seats at full price.


All payments, including both deposits and the final, four-week-out payment, are non-refundable.  In the event of inclement weather, whereby the theatre is forced to cancel the performance you booked into, fully paid orders can be exchanged (within 24 hours of the cancelled performance) to another performance of the same production, subject to availability.


Get Started Early

It’s best to get started months ahead of the performance date. You’ll find it takes time to decide on which show to see, get the word out, set up transportation, arrange meals, collect money, etc.

Keep in Touch

Scheduling changes can occur or your plans may change. Either way, a periodic call to your group sales liaison is always a good idea. When your liaison is kept informed, they can work with your individual situation to give the greatest number of options.

Make the Perfect Match

Think about which show your group would enjoy the most.  Because each individual theatregoer is different, The Rep offers suitability suggestions and the following content advisory sheets for every production.  These guidelines can be found HERE. If you have any further questions about content, age-appropriateness, or stage effects that might have a bearing on your party’s comfort, please contact the Box Office at (501) 378-0405, or [email protected]

Get the Word Out

After you have chosen your show, prepare a notice for your group. Don’t just announce it in a meeting – send out a written notice. People forget, they need time to think about it, and they want to talk to their family and friends. Having that written notice keeps your plans on top of their list.

Include on the notice:

  • Name and description of the production.  We can help by providing you with digital artwork, a show poster, and other materials to help get the word out.
  • Date, day of the week, and time of the performance
  • Total cost – ticket, cost of transportation, meal, etc.
  • Date the payment is due to the group leader, where and how to send it
  • Your contact information for any questions
Stick to Your Deadlines

Once seats are reserved, you will receive an invoice stating your deposit and balance payment dates. Make every effort to get your group members to pay you well in advance of these deadlines. Anyone requesting a ticket after the deadline may lose the opportunity to sit with the group and may not be eligible for a discount. If circumstances arise in which an extension of time is necessary, contact your liaison for available options.

Ticket Distribution

It’s best to have distributed tickets to individual group members prior to the day of the show.

Enjoy the show!