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Stories of Service

The Breach is a veteran-run initiative that brings theatre artists, mental health providers, veterans, and family members together to strengthen the emotional resources they need to overcome trauma and reintegration issues, and to share their experiences through the art and practice of theatre and storytelling.

The Breach is part of The Rep’s programming initiative through the Department of Community, Learning, and Public Programs. The overall goal of the department is in alignment with The Rep’s desire to capture the collective imagination and build community by embracing the art of theatre in all its forms.  We recognize the unique ability of theatrical activities to improve mental well-being and emotional development. We strive to celebrate and develop the artistry of community members regardless of their age or experience.  We provide a platform for the sharing of varied human experiences to drive community conversations.  And we seek out collaborations with, and make our resources accessible to, like-minded community organizations.

The 2024 cohort will meet at The Rep each week, starting in September, under the coordination of Breach Founder & Program Director, Ben Grimes. The cohort will use a theme from the US Army Values – loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage – as a stimulator for reflection.  These themes will be coupled with theatre texts that evoke further examination and thought.  The weeks build to a special performance event on Veterans Day – an authentic display of personal courage and overall leadership.

All active service members, veterans, or their family members are encouraged to be a part of The Breach. No prior experience with theatre or performance is required…just an openness to it. Cohort members will receive a stipend for their participation.

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Below are photos of the 2023 Breach cohort. A conversation with General (Ret.) Wesley Clark, Dr. Rick Owen, the director of the Center of Mental Healthcare and Outcomes Research at the VA, and Ben Grimes, founder of Riverside Actors Theatre, was also part of the 2023 Breach event.

(Photos by Matthew Sewell Photography)


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