Arkansas Repertory Theatre exists to create a diverse body of theatrical work of the highest artistic standards. With a focus on dramatic storytelling that illuminates the human journey, The Rep entertains, engages and enriches local and regional audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 

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General Casting Information

Audition listings are posted as they become available for specific productions. For an audition appointment in response to an audition posting, please contact Peter Mensky, Company Manager/Casting Associate, at

“Plays in Progress” Reading Series – Casting Notice

Arkansas Repertory Theatre announces auditions for its upcoming presentation of the “Plays in Progress” reading series in collaboration with the Rolling River Playwright’s Collective.  The series includes staged reading of 3 new plays: Unemployment by Werner Trieschmann (presented October 6), Life Science by Judy B. Goss (presented November 3), and Blood Moon by John Haman (presented December 1).  All performances will be at 7:00PM. Rehearsals will take place the evening before and the day of each of the performances.  Actors may be cast in more than one reading. Seeking a diverse company of actors age 16 and up for the following roles:


Unemployment by Werner Trieschmann:


WILL – mid-20s, husband to SASHA, fastidious and trying to keep it together – barely doing so


MAURA – 30s, only occasionally employed, no issues living on societal fringe, suspicious of upper class


SASHA – mid-20s, wife to WILL, works in pharmaceutical sales, mind is often elsewhere


SYLVIA – mid-40s, boss of SASHA, seen-it-all, in love with her Lexus


CAPTAIN – late 50s but looks and behaves older, SASHA’s father, former Navy man, salty, no social filter and doesn’t care


CARL – late 20s, a big human, veteran, landscaper and shy


Life Science by Judy B. Goss


JANIS BRIGHTON – 38, Teacher swearing by science


ROY STURDIVANT – 38, Preacher fighting for God


PAUL STURDIVANT – 17, Student pursuing achievement


PHOEBE BRIGHTON – 15, Cheerleader living through poetry


BEN BRIGHTON – 39, Weather reporter spotting the silver lining (Skills: simple magic, balloon figures)


VICTOR AKINS – 16, Black basketball player shooting at life


EZEKIEL AKINS – 45, Black minister depending on science


Blood Moon by John Haman


KEITH GAMMON – Male, head of NASA, 40s-50s.


JUNE PORTER/MARIE GRIFFIN – Female. The primary character in the play. June, an alias, is a waitress at the pie shop. Her real identity is Marie, homemaker and former actress, wife of an aeronaut. Longs for her own identity. 30s. Clever, with an active fantasy life.


DETECTIVE LINDA WOMBLE – Female, investigator for D.C. Police. Late 20s to 30s. Smart, empathic officer who takes a backseat, at first, to her male counterpart, but becomes the leader.


DETECTIVE JACK TANNER – Male, investigator for D.C. Police. Late 30s to 50s. Astute but unimaginative detective.


HANS KINDLER – Male, owner of the pie shop. 40s-50s. A charismatic German and former soldier for Rommel who knows one of June’s secrets and uses it to extract sexual favors.


CAPT. JANET PEARSON/THE WOMAN – Female, technical expert, Space Command. Promoted to Major in the second act. Early 30s to early 40s. Ruthlessly pragmatic, she is the intellectual force behind Project Horizon.


GEN. FRANCIS DELACHAMPS – Male, director of engineering, U.S. Army. Later Chief of Staff, Unified Space Command. Early 50s, gung-ho anti-communist who hopes to create his own militarized space agency.


SECRETARY THOMAS YATES – Male, U.S. Secretary of Defense. 50s to early 60s. Military man who has been somewhat neutered by bureaucracy.


BOB GRIFFIN – Male, Aeronaut/engineer with U.S. Space Command. Early to mid 30s. Family man, father of Aly, Husband of Marie. An innocent. erstwhile aeronaut.


RAY TRAVIS – Male, Aeronaut/engineer with U.S. Space Command. Early to mid 30s. A bit of a joker with a close relationship to Bob, though he is sleeping with Bob's wife anyway. 


ALY GRIFFIN – Female, daughter of Bob and Marie.  Seen in the first act as 10 years old, then as 17 in the second act. Has a sense of mystery about her.


BETINA/ROBIN – Female. Soviet spy operations control. An illegal in Georgetown. Robin is an alias. 30s to 50s. The intellect behind the spy plan, and a sucker for Russian lit. She abuses her leverage over Geoffrey.


GEOFFREY – Male, American grad student in Russian lit and Russian spy. Mid to late 20s. Somewhat a victim of the play's circumstances. A poet, so to speak, who becomes a spy to prevent his country from ever using nuclear weapons again.

Auditions will be held on the morning/afternoon of Saturday, September 15th at Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s Education Annex located at 518 Main Street, Little Rock, AR 72201.  Actors will be required to bring 3 headshots/resumes and prepare sides which will be provided when actors request an appointment.  To obtain an appointment, please email Peter Mensky, Company Manager/Resident Casting Director, at and put ‘Play Reading Appointment’ as the subject line of the email.  Please note that the plays contain adult language and subject matter.


Local Auditions in Little Rock:

Arkansas Rep regularly holds auditions in Little Rock throughout the year. Auditions are announced here on our website as well as in local newspapers, and on our Facebook page. If you are interested in auditioning for an upcoming production, please check the auditions page regularly, and “Like” Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s page on Facebook for casting updates. Once auditions are announced, you may email to schedule an audition appointment. 


New York Auditions: 

Season EPAs are scheduled once a year and take place in Chicago or New York City. These EPAs are announced on and in Backstage Magazine

Chorus Calls:
Chorus calls are scheduled for each chorus musical. These calls are posted on and in Backstage Magazine,

Auditioning for a specific production:
Arkansas Rep announces our New York City auditions on , Backstage Magazine and Generally, we hold auditions on a show by show basis, and these auditions are by appointment only. To obtain an audition appointment for a particular production, you may submit your picture and resume either electronically through or by sending your picture and resume directly to the casting department through regular mail.

Arkansas Rep is not currently accepting scripts for future productions.

Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s Education Department is seeking a qualified individual to serve as a teaching assistant in classes, camps, and workshops for students ages K-adult, support the department with administrative duties, help develop marketing and social media content, implement outreach, and assist with the planning and implementation of education programs and events. Ideal applicants will have knowledge and experience in theatre as well as education. 

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Anna Kimmell at


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